World Idli Day: Love for Idli all around the World!

It has been often said that breakfast is one of the most significant meals of the day, and we definitely love a hearty meal in the morning – particularly a steaming hot aloo parantha. But, according to a recent survey by an online food ordering and delivery platform, it is the healthy ‘idli’ which is the commonly ordered breakfast item on its platform in India.

In the lead up to World Idli Day on March 30th, Uber Eats reported that Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai are the top three cities that ordered the most idli on the platform. But the love for it is not confined to India, and it has fans across the globe with San Francisco, London and New Jersey being the top idli ordering cities.

According to the report, idli is mostly eaten during the morning, particularly between 7.30 AM and 11:30 AM. “Interestingly, March 10, 2019, was the day when India ordered the maximum amount of idlis”, says the report.

Many across the nation add their own twist to this classic staple with fusion recipes like chicken fry idli and French fry idli beating the list. While Coimbatore loves its chicken fry idli, Tiruchirapalli desires idli Manchurian and Nagpur savours chocolate idli.

“We are delighted to know that Bengaluru has appeared as the idli loving city of India. But it is no surprise that idli is a top choice for breakfast across the country”, says Subhash Sharma, co-founder, Brahmins Thatte Idli, Bengaluru.

The report also exposes that most Indians asked extra chutney, sambar and the spicy podi to go with a plate of vaporous hot idlis. Health conscious Indians consumed vegetable idlis for a healthier, fibre-rich option and a nutritious start to their day.

March 30 has been marked as World Idli Day for the last three years. It is considered that Eniyavan from Chennai, regarded as “Idli King”, and Rajamani Iyer, president of Tamil Nadu Catering Employees Union, came up with the idea of a special day dedicated to this steamy delicious.

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