A TV channel that is close to ruling TRS has now come up with a specific rumour about Nandamuri Suhasini’s next political step. Presumably, people know about Suhasini only after she was declared as Kukatpally TDP candidate in the recently ended Telangana election.

After TDP lost the election, Suhasini is not in the political talks anywhere, but the story issued by this Telugu channel stated that Telangana CM KCR is trying to play his tag chance at Chandrababu Naidu. The story added that KCR wants to take Suhasini into TRS fold and send her to the assembly as an MLC, as a ploy to undermine Chandrababu in the eyes of Andhra people. 

Well, this rumour seems as appealing as possible like Ram Gopal Varma’s horror movies, but in reality, it sounds shallow. Because if Suhasini makes such moves, she will be setting Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram in a tight spot in the eyes of TDP cadres. So, will she really take up such a hit? 

Some experts close to Suhasini also verified that she is not interested to remain in politics anymore. We have to see what happens.

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