Where is the Global Peace Ambassador?!

A couple of days ago, this preacher cum political leader has delivered an official statement: “I spoke to Trump, and advised Modi as well about the things he has to do. Then I conversed to Khan as well saying that going for war is not the resolution. Only a couple of phone calls from me will stop the war”, said KA Paul, the president of the Praja Shanti Party.

In the watch of these comments, those who don’t accept and will not get carried away by Paul’s comments are also questioning why he hasn’t made those phone calls now. Now that our Wing Commander was taken by Pak Army and both the countries are at loggerheads over the same, isn’t it KA Paul’s duty to call up his friend Trump and others to take immediate action?

It’s easy to make judgments on the political platform and more easier to sling mud at others. But when something happens for real, standing up and addressing the needs are the most challenging things. If KA Paul is a serious politician and wants to do something for Telugu folks or the whole of Hindustan, this is the time he has to show his true potential. So, why is he Missing in Action?

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