Viral video of school students hanging from trains!

Police in Chennai has been seeking a few school students who were dangling on the footboard of the train and dashing their legs with the train platform, travelling in a risky life-threatening manner.

It has been said that the school age has been the age of ignorance and that the age doesn’t know fear and does all things experimental and adventurous, and even a few months back there was a video where college students had travelled on a bus using sickles and other weapons and waving it while travelling in a bus and train.

Even when cops find the people who do it with the help of CCTV footages and warn them these kinds of people never learn lessons.

In this recent incident, students from Ambattur ITI had travelled in a train towards Thiruvallur, and they were hanging on footboard performing stunts with their foot reaching the platform and travelled in a risky manner and this was caught by people around and the video went viral across social media., following which policemen are seeking to find them.

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