Vijay Mallya blames Modi

Vijay Mallya, the fugitive businessman who is being investigated for fraud and money-laundering, hailed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi an “eloquent speaker” and questioned why the PM was not instructing banks to take the money he had offered to pay off the public funds.

The fugitive liquor baron had appealed to various Indian banks to accept his offer to pay back 100 percent of the principal loan amount he owes them.

“I respectfully ask why the Prime Minister is not instructing his Banks to take the money I have put on the table so he can at least claim credit for the full recovery of public funds lent to Kingfisher,” he tweeted.

Vijay Mallya his now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines and others availed huge loans from several banks in India. He left India in March 2016 after banks got together to initiate legal proceedings to recover an outstanding of more than 9,000 crores. India formally asked for his extradition in February last year.

On February 4, the UK Home Office had signed an order approving the extradition of Vijay Mallya to India. The order for his extradition was signed on Monday following India’s request. The businessman had said he will appeal against the order.

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