Vexed ‘Kaushal Army’ Strikes back

The huge fan group ‘Kaushal Army’ that helped a Bigg Boss contestant Kaushal and made him a winner, has now chosen to turn against him to reveal his real face. The big heads from that crowd came up to a news channel to unveil all the fake acts of Kaushal.

They exposed how Kaushal utilises fans for money and how he never pays a paisa from his pocket for anything. Kaushal charges money for a fan-organized program to and all many from this ‘army’ spent lakhs of rupees on his extravagance hotel rooms. They even exposed that when asked about the social welfare promises and donation of 50 Lakh prize money to a cancer institute, he said it is his wish to spend that money or to cheat on those promises.

The frustrated fans shared an audio clip from Kaushal himself when he ‘indirectly’ aggravated his ‘army’ to troll others who come up with negative content against him.

According to the fed-up admirers of Kaushal, he put up a plan to launch a political party to make his wife an MP from Bapatla and himself an MLA from Vizag, just with money from fans.

While some fans on live show phone call calling themselves as ‘sheep’ from the same army exposed many more cheap acts of Kaushal. At one point, Kaushal reportedly irritated his fans against one Hari for reaching out to actor Tanish for a movie.

A caller released out his anger recalling how Kaushal frightened him for donating the money earned from fans to PMO rather giving it to ‘Kaushal army’ and he also agreed to create 500 fake email ids to vote for Kaushal in Bigg Boss 2 show.

This long list of crimes by Kaushal seems to be a never-ending one and there are many other ‘sheep’ coming out on social media too. Looks like the ‘Kaushal army’ has apprehended it late and is now displaying their grief for doing all that Kaushal wanted.

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