UPDATE: CIS Doesn’t Belong To Mega Family!

The entire Tollywood is actually talking about the “Chiranjeevi International School” that is founded in Srikakulam and how the mega family is going into the education business. But the blow comes so strikingly that mega family got zero to do with this.

Chiru Ventured into Educational Field "Chiranjeevi International School"-newswaves

As the buzz is getting aggravated about Chiranjeevi’s new charity arm, there is a review also that he groped into the education business. Amidst these talks, the CEO of the school has issued a press note saying that none of the mega family has anything to do with this school.

“We happen to be ardent supporters of Megastar and mega family and have started this school on his name for a cause. But not the mega family or megastar are associated with the institution. We have given honourable positions to Chiranjeevi garu, Nagababu garu and Ram Charan out of love” said the CEO of the school.

Plus we have to see if the Mega family also explains about this school thing because many fans are right now thinking that Chiranjeevi himself has started this school.

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