Two Indians executed in Saudi Arabia

Two Indians, Satwinder Kumar and Harjeet Singh, have been executed in Saudi Arabia on charges of killing another Indian, confirms the foreign ministry. Both of them come from the separate cities in Punjab and they were executed on Feb 28, 2019.

But, before beheading, the Saudi authorities did not inform the Indian embassy in the Riyadh about it. In fact, even the families will not be receiving the dead bodies of them as part of rules. The man whom Harjeet and Satwinder killed was Imamuddin.

He was murdered after a fight over distribution of some money they have looted. After a few days, Harjeet and Satwinder were caught on drinking liquor and creating a ruckus. Within a few days, they have also found that these two are connected in a murder.

The appeal was filed by Satwinder’s wife Seema and on Monday, a letter was delivered to her stating that the two were arrested on December 9, 2015, over killing Imamuddin. They have been moved to Riyadh jail as both of them are found blameworthy. Also, discussions were made to the ministry of foreign affairs on getting bodies back. But, Saudi Arabia did not allow of those executed to the embassy.

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