TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash booked for forgery

A criminal case has been booked by Cyberabad Cybercrime police on TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash under a forgery case. According to Cyberabad Cybercrime police sources, a case has been registered on Ravi Prakash based on the complaint filed by Alanda Media Entertainments secretary Kaushik Rao. As per reports, the issue is in connection with alleged take-over of Alanda Media by TV9.

Ravi Prakash TV9 CEO-news waves

The complainant alleged that the signature of Rao was reportedly forged on a letter which opposed the appointment of three new directors. There are widespread reports in local media that police are also conducting searches at the TV9 office in Banjara Hills.

However, police yet to confirm the registration of case officially. On the other hand, neither the TV9 news channel management nor it’s CEO Ravi Prakash have not given any clarity or made any comment on the reports of registering of the case against him till now.

Alanda Media Entertainment Private Limited, a joint venture of My Home Group headed by Jupalli Rameshwar Rao and Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Private Limited (MEIL) Krishna Reddy, which bought over a majority of the stakes in the Associated Broadcasting Company Limited that owned TV9, reportedly removed Ravi Prakash from the CEO post.

In Ravi Prakash’s place, Singa Rao, presently CEO of 10TV, also promoted by My Home Group, has been appointed as the new CEO of TV9.

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