Tollywood drugs case: All proved innocent?!

Remember the scandalous Tollywood drug case, where the big and the powerful from the film industry were found to be involved. They were questioned and their names did rounds in the newspapers. Ever thought what happened to the case? Well, no one knows. One RTI activist has drilled out the details of the case from the Excise department.

Not even one Tollywood celebrity has been mentioned in the four charge sheets that were filed in association with the case. There were 62 Tollywood film personalities, who were investigated by the cops. But, not one of them is named in the charge sheet. This implies all the 62 have been given a clean chit.

Amongst those who have been let off as innocents are: director Puri Jagan, Shyam K Naidu, actor Subbaraju, hero Tarun, Navadeep, Chinna, actress Charmme Kaur, item girl Mumaith Khan, hero Raviteja, his car driver Srinivas, young hero Tanish and hero Nandu. It is clear that the whole drug scrutiny was a minor eyewash. Of the 12 cases registered, only four charge sheets were recorded and in only one case, South African Ruffel Alex Victor, the cocaine smuggler, was named. He was held in August 2017.

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