Ttirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Cancels Kalyanams Of February 17

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) has cancelled the Srinivasa Kalyanam that was programmed to be performed at LB Stadium in Hyderabad on February 17 after the organisers reportedly veered from the rules.

According to a report released by the TTD on Monday, the Dattagiri Maharaj Charitable Trust had come forward at the end of October last year to perform the event in Hyderabad. The Srinivasa Kalyanam which was to be performed on October 28 was delayed to February 17.

At this time, in the name of Mr B. Krish-nam Raju, secretary of the Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam Trust (Register No: BK 4, CS No.418/2018), handouts and pamphlets were seen to have been distributed among devotees stating that those who offer contribution for the event would be provided VIP break darshan, vastram of the diety and the goddess and would be seated on the stage where the event would be conducted.

As this was against the norms, the TTD decided to cancel the February 17 event. The statement added that the TTD never takes contributions for these weddings and it had nothing to do with the donations that were collected by the Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam Trust from devotees.

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