Telugu couple found dead in USA

In an unexpected incident, Telugu couple was found dead after apparent murder-suicide in Sugar Land, Texas on Monday. Police identified them as 51-year-old Sreenivas Nakirekanti and his wife Shanthi Nakirekanti, 46.

Police swayed into action after they received a call to 911. On arrival, they found Shanti with a gunshot injury to her head in the driveway of the home. Sreenivas was found in the bedroom with an injury to his chest and a headgun is spotted nearby. In the preliminary research, it has been concluded that Sreenivas has killed Shanthi and shot himself with the headgun.

Police stated that the 16-year-old daughter of the duo was present when the incident happened. Close friends of Sreenivas told that many of them got emails from him before the event. Nevertheless, it was unclear what was communicated in it.

Sreenivas was working as a director at an energy company in Houston and his wife was a programmer associated with an MNC. The local community was disturbed by the event because they were a happy couple and never had any differences.

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