Summers in Vizag: This is how you can enjoy!

With summer approaching its peak in the port city, residents are looking for ways to beat the heat amidst the rising temperatures. The hot sun in addition to the high humidity levels adds fuel to the fire. Fortunately, the city has many ways by which citizens can avoid the sultry weather. One of the ways is to try out aqua sports at the multiple swimming pools that dot the city. The GVMC Aqua Sports Complex, on the beach road, is one of the most popular spots where people throng during hot days. Aqua sports, in addition to cooling down, also are a healthy exercise which helps people burn their calories and stay fit.

The city is also blessed to have a long coastline with many beaches such as RK Beach, Rushikonda Beach and Yarada Beach among others, providing a cool getaway to Vizagites. The cool sea breeze in the evenings is a welcome break after warm and tiring days. And the best thing is that beaches are free and vast, also providing people with much-needed privacy and peace in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Another advantage of Vizag lies in its parks and lush greenery. The VUDA Park, City Central Park and Shivaji Park are some of the parks where one can head to in the evenings to beat the heat, as houses get extremely warm sometimes. One can go for walks in the early mornings and evenings when it’s cool in these parks owing to the trees which provide cool and shady places where one can escape the scorching heat which otherwise isn’t possible in the concrete jungles that encircle these parks. One can also resort to drinking healthy lemonades and fresh juices during summers.

A large number of vendors and juice stalls open throughout the city during summers which sell a mixture of juices ranging from mango to strawberry. Juices and lemonades help the body recover minerals lost in perspiration during summers. Plus, we can eat juicy fruits and vegetables which have a large water content in them, such as watermelons and cucumbers. They help in the rehydration of our body.

Last but not least, it is required to remain indoors when the temperatures are at their peaks, particularly between 11 AM and 3 PM. Even if you’re forced to go out for any reason, do carry a cap or an umbrella with you along with a water bottle. This would ensure you sweat less and do not get dehydrated, which can even be life-threatening. Also, try and get involved in some kind of productive activity which can help you ignore the heat! This can be reading, sketching, playing music or anything else. The more we think about heat, the more we feel it and therefore if we redirect our attention to some activity, it would help us to beat the heat as well as achieve a fruitful result. Enjoy the summer and take care of yourselves, while keeping in mind the above things too!

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