Summer Hydrating tips for your skin

Summers in India are so relentless that the heat is almost a part of our culture. We are fine with everything summer gives, but definitely not dehydrated prune skin. Skin gets dehydrated when it loses its water content and moisture, looking lackluster and dull.

Here we have a good news for you. This is probably the only downside to summer season.

Working Internally

Nothing can show you quicker results than working internally. When it comes to dehydration, what one needs putting on the inside is food that is exceedingly rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Loading up on liquid.

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

When it comes to a liquid that is hydrating, good old water wears a crown. Apart from drinking plenty of water, you can also prefer coconut water not only because it is also restorative in replacing all the lost body fluids quickly, it also comes with its own list of benefits such as warding off acne and anti aging properties.

Lotions are the way to go in summer.

Aloe vera is also known for its soothing properties. It helps treat rashes, redness and sunburns and it stores so much water becoming the perfect ingredient for promoting hydration.

Make your own spray.

All you are expected to do is cut cucumbers and blend them. Place the cucumber mush into a cheese cloth squeezing the juice into a bowl. Add some distilled water and aloe vera gel to the juice. Transfer this into a spray bottle.

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