Subba Raju’s Crazy fan following in Japan!

For the performing the role of fun-filled Kumara Varma who finds courage after Baahubali implants that zeal in him, actor Subba Raju found some newest fans. And they are not Telugu, not even Indian fans.

After going mad over ‘Baahubali’, fans from Japan are treating Prabhas, Anushka and Rana with eternal love. And now, they became mad fans of Kumara Varma role bearer Subba Raju. Guess what, every month he gets a big bag of mails, gifts and other artworks from Japan, from his fans.

Another day when Subba Raju rejoiced his 43rd birthday, people in Japan went cray for him. While the Japanese are appreciated for their cleanliness, they have broken the rules and tossed confetti, paper and things into the air, out of love. Watching at those videos will make anyone feel that Subba Raju is a star hero for them.

While this craze is truly a shocker, plausibly Subba Raju should do some movies for the Japanese or he should learn Japanese and do a film there.

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