Spice Jet flight makes an emergency landing in Nagpur

A technical glitch in the flight had forced the Delhi-bound SpiceJet flight with over 150 passengers onboard made an emergency landing at Nagpur Airport early Saturday. The flight had taken off from Bengaluru at 2 am.

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All the passengers on board were forced to stay put in the aircraft carrier from 1.30 am till 5.30 am today. Airline officials informed the passengers that they did not operate out of Nagpur Airport and had no ground support.

“We were told an aircraft is coming from Mumbai with engineers. Then the airline said one aircraft is coming from Bangalore. Finally, no aircraft turned up,” Surabhi Saraogi, a market researcher, said.

A number of passengers on the flight took to Twitter and expressed their outrage against the airline.

“Absolutely appalling @flyspicejet my husband has been stranded at Nagpur Airport along with 150 other passengers, for a flight that was scheduled to land in Delhi at 12.45pm. #SG8720 spice jet flight number still no updat, no assistance. Disgusting customer service,” one user posted.

“.@flyspicejet so are we supposed to be waiting at the airport till you sort your stuff out? #sg8720 can we not even leave the arrivals terminal?”, another flyer posted on Twitter.

“Is there any replacement flight? Any update related to the “diligent work” you have been putting in for the past 5 hours??? Seriously a #mistake booking Spicejet,” a user posted on Twitter.

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