‘Sorry’ and a Rs 200 coupon by Swiggy was offered after delivery boy abuses a woman

Swiggy officials sent a ‘sorry’ note and a 200 rupees coupon to a woman who was reportedly abused by a Swiggy delivery boy. This prompted her to demand action against the offender, rather of closing the case with just regular apologies. On Saturday, Neha (name changed) posted on Facebook that she had ordered food from Swiggy on Thursday. Apparently, the delivery boy misbehaved with her and wanted sexual favours from her. As the delivery boy arrived, he said something that Neha could not hear properly. When he repeated the words, Neha understood that he was abusing her and asking for sex. “I was taken aback. I had to literally snatch my food package from him and shut my door on his face. I was disgusted to let alone eat, but to even look at the food,” she said.

But simply a “sorry” and a Rs 200 coupon was what she got in return even though Neha made a complaint to the customer service. On Facebook, Swiggy authorities made an apology for the nasty event and sought details for further action.

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