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Few movies become classic hits not only because of the storyline but also because of the actors who impress the audiences with their excellent acting. But sometimes it turns out that the actor who won the accolades for his performance was not the first choice of the director.

Some of the films are initially approached to some other actors and on rejection, the script lands in the hand of the other actor. Here is a list of some super hits rejected by the star hero ‘Victory’ Venkatesh.

Gharshana (Old):

South India’s renowned filmmaker Mani Ratnam had approached Venkatesh and Nagarjuna with the story of ‘Gharshana’, both the heroes showing no keen interest, Maniratnam chose Karthik and Prabhu for their roles and the movie turned out a massive hit.


‘Roja’ is one of the finest movies of Mani Ratnam which catapulted his stardom on the National level and introduced the heartthrob Arvind Swamy. But, initially Mani Ratnam has once again approached Venkatesh for ‘Roja’, but the actor has once again rejected amicably.

Oke Okkadu:

One of the most sensational movies of the decade directed by Shankar, the movie was initially offered to Venkatesh, though he liked the script, couldn’t be a part of the project as he was committed to other projects.


After a series of flops, ‘Santosham’ brought a whiff of fresh air for Nagarjuna and gave him a fresh lease of life. The movie turned as one of the biggest hits of that year. Interestingly, Dasharadh had approached Venkatesh with the story as he was more famous for family dramas. But, this film too missed by Venkatesh for some unsaid reasons.

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