Miraculous: Six-year-old trapped in 200-feet-deep borewell near Pune survives

All the efforts of the rescue team didn’t go in vain as the six-year-old Ravi who was trapped in a 200 feet deep borewell in Pune district was rescued on after a 16-hour-long operation involving police and disaster response team.

Ravi, son of a road construction worker, fell into the borewell Wednesday afternoon while playing near Thorandale village, 70 km from Pune. The NDRF team said the boy was rescued at around 9 AM and is in good health.

“The operation was very critical and required meticulous planning to avoid any injury to the child,” an NDRF official said.

“The NDRF was successful in saving the child. Our team members worked painstakingly, never losing sight of the task. Happy and satisfied that the child is fine and could be rejoined with the family,” the official said.

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