Shocking! World’s most dangerous bird killed its owner

There’s a common belief that the birds are harmless and if one goes by that, then you are wrong. There are some deadly breeds out there like the Cassowary, which survives in temperate countries like Australia, the US, etc.

Recently, a Cassowary bird did something unimaginable. It killed its owner, who had been looking after its needs! The victim belongs to Florida.

As per reports, the owner fell down due to a small accident in his garden. The Cassowary was nearby, and it swiftly attacked and killed the owner.

Typically, a Cassowary bird weighs up to 60 kgs. It can’t fly but it can walk/run up to 30 km per hour. It can jump high and can damage its prey with its sharp, long claws. This is not just a bird, this is a killer bird for sure.

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