Scam: Rambha and Raashi’s Kolors weight Loss Ad

Most of the fraud groups try to use the faces of well-known celebrities or famous celebrities to advertise their products. This is not new and one should not fall for such a scam.

Sadly, the success stories that they narrate have hardly any truth in it. Such scams are tripping customers money in large amounts. One such fake ad we often see in Telugu channels is ‘Kolors weight loss clinic’.

This group has actresses Rambha and Raashi as their active ambassadors, showing before and after pictures to fool people around. Recently, a man has registered a charge against Kolors for its misleading images. He said he became a fool by believing the actresses’ transformation images.

The victim hails from Vijayawada and he said that he paid nearly 75,000 to the organisation for the treatment. Now, the consumer court ordered all the channels to immediately stop advertising Kolors ads and also Justice Madhava Rao has asked the company to return the victim’s fee with 9% interest.

Furthermore, the court also asked the group to pay a large Rs.2 lacs as a penalty for the victim’s wellbeing. In future, even celebrities who support such fake products will have to pay hefty fines said the court.

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