Robert Vadra reacts to speculations about his entry into politics.

Robert Vadra told on Monday that he was not in a hurry for taking the political plunge, a day after he hinted at a large role in serving the people. These comments by Robert Vadra come on a day when people put up posters in his hometown Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad welcoming him to contest in the upcoming elections.

The brother-in-law of the president of Congress Party Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra put a Facebook post on Sunday announcing that he might be playing the larger role in serving the people, sparking speculation over his entry into the active politics.

When questioned about his entry into active politics, Robert Vadra told that he needs to absolve from baseless allegations and acquisitions and that he would start working on it. He also told that there is no hurry and that people need to feel that he can make a change.

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