Renu Desai Turned Anchor For Sakshi?

In a most shocking turn around, Power star Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai has become an anchor for Sakshi TV, which is run by opposition party leader YS Jagan’s wife Bharati. With his happening, now there is news everywhere that Renu will be fighting the election as well on YSR Congress ticket in the coming days.

Clearly, Renu’s presence in political circles will surely give a colour that she is going against her former husband. But here in this case, as she clasped hands with Sakshi TV, it will be greatly felt that she is taking on Pawan at political turf. As this channel and paper are also dead against Janasena, one wonders what is Renu’s real motive.

Renu Desai wants to make an identity for herself for a long time. And this time, she needed to turn a show host, like how Aamir Khan has done Satyameva Jayathe, and she is coming up with a talk show linked to the issues of Farmers in Andhra Pradesh. Her friend, anchor-host Swapna (Tv9 Swapna formerly) is said to be the creator behind this show.

Explaining on the same, Renu Desai said “With this TV show I am getting to do work which makes my soul happy. Getting to talk to farmers, getting to interact with them, know their difficulties first hand and then try my best to come up with a solution, is truly something I feel that I am honoured to do”

Had Renu done this act for any national television or for those channels without any political affiliations, her sense of idea would have seemed more reasonable.

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