Rahul Gandhi mocks PM Modi’s first press conference

President of Congress party Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday for not taking any questions at his first ever press conference since taking office as the Prime Minister of the country five years ago.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the Congress chief tweeted that the press conference was excellent and that showing up is half the battle. It is to be noted that the Prime Minister left journalists appointed on Friday after he refused answering questions at what was supposed to be the first ever press conference the Prime Minister appeared.

As the election campaigning ended for the last round of elections for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls due this Sunday, the Prime Minister made a statement at the headquarters of Bharatiya Janata party in New Delhi, however, deflected the questions posed by journalists to the chief of the party Amit Shah sitting right next to him.

The Prime Minister also told one of the two journalists who asked him a direct question that he happens to be a disciplined soldier while the party president is everything for him. Even Amit Shah told another reporter that it is not necessary for the Prime minis6ter to answer every question the journalists ask.

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