Pooja Hedge caught in drunk driving? Here’s the actual story

Pooja Hegde-news waves

The list of celebrities getting caught in drunk drive checks these days has been increasing, and they are standing as bad examples. And the latest rumor says that the happening beauty Pooja Hegde got caught in drunk driving in Hyderabad.

Pooja Hegde-news waves

As per the sources, after wrapping the ‘Maharshi’ pre-release event, Pooja Hegde and her team along with their manager went to a noted five-star hotel in Hyderabad for the after-party.

After getting heavily drunk, the team exited in the manager’s car as per rumors doing rounds. Though Pooja Hegde was not in the driver’s seat, she is being criticized for encouraging her manager to drive in an inebriated condition.

Reportedly Pooja’s manager is said to have submitted his driving license to the cops before they seized the car and Pooja and her team left in another car from the spot before they were caught by the media.

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