PM Modi did not eat anything after Pulwama attack

Yesterday, the news on how Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hectic shooting for a propaganda film during Pulwama attack have annoyed the public and started throwing outbursts on Modi. But, the government sources claim that Modi did not even eat anything after the Pulwama terror attack and shooting a film is just a made up tale by the Congress party.

The news was thought that PM was busy shooting for the film till 7 in the evening while the Pulwama attack took place in the afternoon. He was crashed for neglecting his duty as PM and react on the deadly attack. But Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad dismissed the news on PM Modi shooting for the Discovery channel. He said no channel has reached them on a film yet.

Congress spokesperson Surjewala stated that Modi was in the hunger for power but calls him a nationalist. He also insisted that he was unresponsive towards his job and was enjoying by having tea and samosas in his PWD guest house.

Counter to these claims, the government sources released PM Modi’s schedule on February 14. The schedule says that Modi left Delhi at 7 in the morning and arrived Dehradun. Nevertheless, he got stuck there due to bad weather for about 4 hours. Following, he reached Jim Corbett at around 11:15 am and stayed there for three hours.

After initiating a tiger safari, eco-tourism zone and rescue centre, he was scheduled to address a public rally at Rudrapur at 3 noon. He dropped it due to bad weather and also because of the Pulwama attack. PM has quickly reached national security advisor, the home minister and the governor pot the attacks. Even while staying at the guesthouse, PM Modi spoke to the NSA, the governor and the home minister about Pulwama. The sources said he did not eat anything during that period.

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