People’s Hero – Dr. Koti Reddy Saripalli

Dr Koti Reddy Saripalli has been a real-life motivation to millions as he won clutches of famine and several bars and is now a successful businessman. Dr Koti Reddy was born in Gudivada and his father was a farmer. He hails from a middle-class family.

Since his boyhood, he had a great passion towards books and he himself was a motivation to millions, was spurred by the First Chief Minister of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. When he was 14, his father gifted him a little amount as a Sankranti gift and with that money, he joined the C-Language World. He began his life with a salary of Rs.700 for doing data entry job.

Gradually, he increased the limits by moving to Hyderabad where he worked as a computer faculty of C language. He shot to fame in a quick span as he taught everything to the students in their native Telugu language itself. He was then given a job in RECASAS computer institute where he got a salary of Rs.7000. Things improved when he came to know that the institute where he learned computer was about to get closed.

Keeping faith in his knowledge and intelligence, Koti Reddy believed that he can lift the institute once again. With the help of his friend, Mr Muni Babu, he became the proprietor of the institute. He became the youngest Java Certified Professional (JCP) in India. The next turning point came when he got an interview in Microsoft Company. Koti Reddy often considers Bill Gates as his God and Microsoft Company as his Temple.

Microsoft Interview was packed with a set of 12 different rounds and in each round, Dr.Koti Reddy proved his perfection. When the HR team was ready to offer him the job, they noted that he had only Std.X certificate. But as his achievement was impressive than UG and PG graduates the company offered him the job. He made history as he is the only Indian to work in Microsoft without a degree. He finished his doctorate from the University of Washington after he joined Microsoft company.

The difficulties he has encountered have chiselled him into an honourable personification of victory, whose sprout shot out from a village, Janardhanapuram. He fulfilled his dream of working in his dream company. But then, he went on to his next dream and he retreated to India.

He established the Koti Group of Ventures. After working for a span of 10 years at Microsoft, he built his empire Koti Group of Ventures in sectors including Health Tech, Core Tech R&D, Edutech, Fintech, Philanthropy, Mediatech, Life Sciences, Agritech, Construction and Mass Tech by holding companies including Bharath Innovations, Digital Education, DZ Pay, Kotii Foundation, India Herald, Bodha, Seva Foundation, Crowd blood, Citrus Clinic and Snaggerr.

He fostered two Government schools in Andhra Pradesh, Government Zilla Parishad High School in Nandivada and Mandal Parishad School, Jonapadu. Koti group holds 70% of each company, and 33% is guaranteed for underprivileged kids, widows, and seniors. There are still many good acts which he has done without any advertising. Dr Koti Reddy is a man of good deeds who doesn’t advertise the help and welfare projects he has done to society.

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