Nyay would refuel the engine of Indian economy emptied by Modi- Rahul Gandhi

Saying that if voted to power, Congress party is going to refuel the country’s economy through the proposed Nyay scheme, President of Congress party Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of taking fuel out of the engine of Indian economy.

Addressing an election rally Rahul Gandhi told that the experts he consulted before the scheme was proposed in the party manifesto has told him that it was necessary to restore the purchasing power of the people who are hit by the GST and demonetisation.

Rahul Gandhi told that Narendra Modi has taken the fuel out of the engine of Indian economy. Rahul Gandhi told that Nyay scheme is the Diesel for the engine of the country’s economy and also added that is going to provide employment to lakhs of youth with the opening of shops and factories.

Narendra Modi also told that Congress wants to return what Narendra Modi has snatched from the people.

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