Novel ‘coconut’ Shiva idol for Maha Shivarathri

A huge 80-feet high image of Lord Shiva is being prepared with one lakh tons of coconuts to serve as a major pull during the Maha Sivarathri on March 4 at the ancient Sri Tripurasundari Samedha Sri Chandramouleshwar temple.

The picture which will be made to match the Lord will also have a cobra around His neck and a Trishul. “Instead of making Sivalingam for worship, we have chosen to make a novel idol of Lord Shiva using one-ton coconuts. Eco-friendly material would be used to bind the coconuts and the image of the Lord would appear grand,” says V. Subramanian, Secretary of Jankalyan.

Mr Subramanian who is the coordinator of the temple located at Keelapattu in Nagari near here said five Lingams, symbolising the five elements, would also be made and installed before the huge image of the Lord, also for worship during this Maha Sivarathri.

According to Ganesh, who is supported by his friends in making the new idol, a large number of believers had donated coconuts to make the image and he wishes to complete it in few days’ time. “We have decided to make something unique this time and hit upon the idea of making an idol of Lord Shiva with coconuts. Complete care is being taken to assure the idol is eco-friendly,” Ganesh adds.

Saying that nothing would go waste, Ganesh told that the coconuts would be utilized for the Ganapathi Homam planned for April.

While, a book on the Linga Sahasranama Archana and Uma Maheswar Archana, compiled by Mr Subramanian, would be published on Maha Sivarathri at the temple.

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