Narendra Damodardas Modi takes oath as PM for the second term

Narendra Damodardas Modi took oath as the 16th Prime Minister of India for the second consecutive term today after spectacular success in the national election.

He was joined by nearly 50 ministers in the swearing in ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan attended approximately 8000 guests including leaders from all across the world, politicians, dignitaries, industrialists and celebrities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi walked to the podium for the oath administered by President Ram Nath Kovind with chants ‘Modi Modi’ from the audience.

Credited with leading the Bharatiya Janata Party successfully in election after election, Amit Anil Chandra Shah also joined the new government of Prime Minister Modi. Amit Shah is also expected to handle one of the top four ministries of the Prime Minister’s new government.

Big faces like Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, JP Nadda, Jayant Sinha, Anant Hegde, Rajyavardhan Rathore were missing from the council of ministers.

Smriti Irani, who was welcomed by the audience with loudest cheering of all is also likely to be rewarded with one of the top ministries.

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