Mumbai lad bags Rs 1.2 cr job at Google’s London office

Abhdullah Khan-news waves

It’s an unbelievable moment which he couldn’t even have dreamt in fanciest dreams for a twenty-one-year-old Abdullah Khan, an IIT graduate from Shree LR Tiwari Engineering College.

The final year Abdullah Khan is in amplified jubilation and still couldn’t believe after bagging a whopping Rs 1.2 crore job in Google. An 8 figure salary generally endowed to IIT graduates, Khan is still in his final year pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science.

According to a report, Khan underwent multiple rounds of online tests and interviews before being called to London for one final face-to-face round.

Abdullah Khan said he was not expecting an offer from Google when he casually participated in competitions on that site is looking forward to the new role. “I used to participate as it was fun. I did not even know that firms check programmers’ profiles on such sites. I showed the email to my friend who knew someone who had received such an email in the past. I am looking forward to joining their team. It will be an amazing learning experience for me,” said Khan. The coding junkie did his schooling in Saudi Arabia and moved to Mumbai only after Class XII,” Khan was quoted as saying by the daily.

Khan had enrolled in Shree LR Tiwari Engineering College in Mira Road after shifting base to Mumbai from Saudi Arabia after Class XII. He will be joining Google’s site reliability engineering team in September this year.

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