Meet Mr. Mike, the self-made Indian whose success will inspire you

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine how an ordinary man can rise to the top and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. However, this is exactly what Mr. Mike also known as Madhav Reddy did as the founder and CEO of Roto Maker, incorporated.

Before rising through the ranks of the successful entrepreneurs with his company, Mike worked in the USA and Canada and later moved to India with a plan to expand his business. All he had was his dedication to quality work and finishing projects on time.

Rotomaker is a complete solution for all your visual effects outsourcing needs. Managing a close relationship between the technical experts, and also meeting business objectives is a delicate tightrope we successfully cross in every frequent time.

Here are some excerpts from his interview.

1) How did the idea of Rotomaker happen?

Mike: After I moved to India, I brought projects from my contacts and opened an institution to train the young minds.

2) Why did you leave such a lucrative job and moved to India?

Mike: I believe that our own land is own land and moved to impart knowledge and provide job opportunities for the new generation.

3) How are the job opportunities in the Animation industry in India?

Mike: The Animation industry is booming and there are over 1 lakh job opportunities.

4) What is the fee structure and would you provide any placements?

Mike: The fee structure varies for different courses from Rs 1.75 lakhs. After 6 months of training, we provide internship and the students can earn their fee by the end of their course and job will be secured.

5) How is the support from the government?

Mike: The Telangana government has been very supportive since the beginning and offering subsidies.

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