Meenakshi Temple closed for 2 hours for purification rituals after woman devotee dies

Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple in Madurai was closed for approximately 2 hours on Friday morning for purification rituals after a woman devotee passed away inside the temple due to heart attack.

According to information received from the authorities of temple, 62-year-old Maheshwari, a Villapuram resident came to the temple with her husband and both of them were waiting for free dharshan in the queue at around 7 in the morning.

She suddenly collapsed and an ambulance was soon called. The emergency medical technicians reached the spot and examined Maheshwari, declaring her dead. All the pilgrims inside Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple were asked to evacuate the premises of the temple immediately.

Executive Officer of the temple N Natarajan told that entrance of the temple was closed for approximately 2 hours to perform purification rituals and clean the temple premises with water. He also informed that the same process is always practiced whenever any death takes place within the premises of the temple.

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