Manmohan Singh unlikely to be sent to to Upper House from Assam

Dr Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister, whose Rajya Sabha tenure from Assam ends on 14th June is unlikely to be sent from the state again to the Upper house.

The Congress does not have enough numbers in the Assam assembly for securing a victory for Manmohan Singh and does not like taking risk.

The Election Commission of India has announced that 7th June is going to be the day of elections and the last day for filing nominations 28th May. Congress party only has 25 MLAs in the 126-member Assam assembly while the party requires at least 43 first preference votes.

Congress legislature party leader in the Assam assembly Debabrata Saikia told that there are no enough numbers on their own and that it is not advisable to field Manmohan Singh who is a leader of senior stature when Congress numbers are not certain. Manmohan Singh has been representing Assam since 1991 in the Rajya Sabha.

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