Lover’s Day movie review

Cast: Priya Prakash Varrier, Mohammed Roshan, Noorin Shereef
Director: Omar Lulu
Producers: Gururajan S, CH Vinod Reddy
Music Director: Shaan Rahman

Release date: 14th February 2019

Priya Prakash Varrier who became a rage among the youth with her ‘wink’ faces the real test. After a long delay, her debut movie ‘Lover’s Day’ (Telugu dubbed version of ‘Oru Adar Love’) has finally hit the screens today.

Let’s see whether Priya Prakash Varrier has any surprise in store other than just the wink.


‘Lover’s Day’ is a triangle love story between three teenagers of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School.

The story begins with Priya (Priya Varrier) and Roshan (Roshan Mohammed) join as plus one students who instantly fall in love with each other. When everything seems going fine, a small rift creates a huge gap between them. Though Roshan tries to patch up, Priya hates and avoids Roshan.

A dejected Roshan slowly starts forgetting Priya and moves on in his life and finds his lost love in Gatha John (Noorin Shereef). With Roshan getting closer to the other girl, Priya starts getting jealous and tries to win him back.

Whether Priya and Roshan reunite or not is the rest of the story.


Going by the story-wise, it’s no different as it’s been tried and tested several times before. Though the story is an old one, the director failed to weave any magic with the screenplay and presentation.

With a few engaging scenes in bits and pieces, ‘Lover’s Day’ is a big disappointing tale.

Plus Points:

Noorin Shereef
Few scenes

Minus Points:

Lethargic screenplay


On the whole, ‘Lover’s Day’ is a big disappointing tale that fails to engage the audience even for a while.

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