Lord Ramachandra takes ride on Hanumantha Vahanam

On Monday, the sixth day of Brahmotsavam, Lord Ramachandra Murthy was brought out for a divine ride on the Hanumantha Vahanam, as part of the ongoing annual event at Kodandarama Swamy temple in Tirupati.

According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman is also praised and worshipped as a prime deity on par with other deities. Even today, Hanuman has held an icon of power, strength and above all for his loyalty towards his master, Lord Rama.

The fans were immersed in the spiritual tenor chanting Rama-Hanuma Nama during the parade of Vahanam around the temple streets. While in the evening the lord was seated atop Gaja Vahanam and taken out in a procession after performing Vasanthotsavam to the Lord.

Decorated in dazzling jewels and draped in silk vastrams, Dasaratha Nandana took the celestial ride along temple streets on the Gaja Vahanam to bless the devotees. The cultural programs in front of Vahanam cavalcade added extra charm to the celebration. Temple DyEO E.C. Sreedhar, AEO Thirumalaiah and others were also present.

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