Lakshmi Parvathi files case on Koti and TV 5

In what could be said a shocking and unexpected development, a sexual harassment case has been filed on Lakshmi Parvathi. A man identified as Koti registered a case on Lakshmi Parvathi alleging that she has been harassing him and has been approaching him inappropriately.

Koti also revealed that Lakshmi Parvathi chatted with him in an inappropriate manner. He also provided the WhatsApp chat screenshots were provided the proof of evidence.

The complaint has been registered against the YSRCP leader in Vinukonda and Koti sought police security from Lakshmi Parvathi. A couple of phone conversations of her were also out in the media in which she is seen even badmouthing NTR.

Now, after a brief silence, Lakshmi Parvathi has opened up and said that it’s a conspiracy to defame her. Lakshmi Parvathi met Telangana DGP Mahender Reddy and filed a complaint on Koti and TV5 which did an interview of Koti and also on the anchor, Murthy. Apparently, Lakshmi Parvathi felt it appropriate to file the case in Telangana, seeking action against the channel.

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