‘Kamali’ Yet A New Sensation!

A nine-year-old Kamali Moorthy from Tamil Nadu became a sensation a year ago for her skateboarding courage and for being a prodigy. She was supported by a single mother, who sells fish along the beachside and raised her with severe difficulties in life.

Presently, once again Kamali seized headlines as a short film on her and her mother has been qualified for the 2020 Academy Awards. The short film is titled, Kamali, and the story essentially tells about her mother Suganthi’s effort in raising her daughter in order to make her a skateboarder.

The short film portrays how Suganthi struggled against all the stereotypes in the village and patriarchy norms. She said looking at her children, she reflects on her childhood how she could not do the things she wanted to do because of the severe and traditional society around.

This 24-minute short film has been directed by Sasha Rainbow from New Zealand and it won the Best Documentary at the Atlanta Film Festival. The film had first won Best Director Award at the Mumbai International short film in 2018.

Watch The Trailer:

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