Kamal takes a dig at Rajini and Stalin

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan made a mockery of MK Stalin and his old-friend Rajinikanth for taking a back step from contesting in the Lok Sabha elections after creating much hype.

Addressing an Annual District conference in Chennai, Kamal Haasan said ‘Gram Sabha’ has been existing since decades and only after he started holding such meetings in villages in Tamil Nadu that others started copying that.

He was indirectly referring to DMK President M.K. Stalin and others holding Gram Sabha meetings.

“Are you not ashamed of copying from a small boy?” Kamal said.

At another point, Kamal Haasan said he cannot be wearing a torn shirt, and even if his shirt gets torn in the Assembly, he would wear another shirt.

Kamal Haasan again pointed at Stalin, who came out of the Tamil Nadu Assembly in the torn shirt on 17.2.2018 when the AIADMK government led by Chief Minister K. Palaniswami sought the vote of confidence.

When questioned about his daring step to contest in the Lok Sabha elections, Kamal Haasan said: “After oiling one’s body and slapping of thighs, one should not back out from the wrestling field saying he would come the next day.”

If that happens then one would become a laughing stock, Kamal Haasan added. This was an obvious attack on Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth who announced his decision not to contest in the Lok Sabha polls nor support any political party.

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