Jyothi’s murder case mystery finally resolved

The Mangalagiri police have eventually revealed the death mystery behind the sensational murder case of Jyothi. The police have proved that Jyothy’s lover Srinivas Rao and his friend Pawan has killed her near cricket stadium at Mangalagiri on 11 February.

The police officers said that the accused Srinivas has also traped many other girls in the name of love and later take them to the isolated place and take their videos and later he used to blackmail them with the videos.

With the planning, Srinivas has murder Jyothy near the Amaravati township, for which he and Pawan have made a recce in the area before a week of the murder day.

The police said that for past some time Jyothi was compelling Srinivas to marry her and with this reason he has killed her.

The police proved that on the murder day Pawan had strongly hit on the head of Jyothy with the iron rod, where she died on the point and in order to distract the attention from Srinivas, he also hit him with the rod.

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