Jayaram’s Murder Captured On Mobile?

Into its sixth day of the inquiry after the court sent Rakesh Reddy, the main accused EXpress TV MD Chigurupati Jayaram’s murder, into police custody, we are learning that a video shot on mobile is going to be key for grilling and nailing the involved.

For now, police have come to a result that Rakesh Reddy, a rowdy sheeter Nagesh and his nephew Vishal were present at the crime scene and police are trying to discover whether all of them have hit Jayaram or only Rakesh, to kill him. But before giving him blows to death, actually they’ve forced to sign unwritten stamp papers such that Rakesh Reddy could seize all the assets of the victim.

As per the reports, Rakesh and his colleagues have shot the whole signing event on their mobiles, and police are now assuming if they have shot the whole murder too. If that video is discovered, then nailing the criminals would be dead easy for the khakis. Nevertheless, Rakesh is said to be giving quite unusual and meaningless answers to police in his interrogation, and that is making the job of police little tougher.

On the other hand, with crime scene being replaced again, as the accused are taken to Nandigama as well where they have left the dead body of Jayaram in a car, some significant findings might come out.

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