Jayaram murder case: Rakesh Reddy invites friends for a party after the murder

Day by day new twists and turns are been observed in the spectacular murder case of the industrialist and NRI Chigurupati Jayaram.

Here on that day, after killing Jayaram, the accused Rakesh Reddy has made calls to his friends to come to his house for a party.

With the invitation, his friends Naga, Venkatesh, Balvinder Singh, Shankar, have reached the Rakesh’s house in Banjarahills.

They were horrified to see the Jayaram’s dead body lying in the hall, and the accused Rakesh Reddy have asked them what to do with the dead body.

On seeing Jayarams dead body they were terrified and ran away from the house. The Banjarahills ACP will also investigate Rakesh Reddy friends.

In this case, on the guidance of Hyderabad CP, two CI’s Govinda Reddy, Harishchandra Reddy of Banjara Hills police station have been transferred.

So far, in this case, the Investigation officer K. Srinivasa Rao, ACP, Banjara Hills has studied Jayaram’s niece Shikha Choudhary, and Ibrahimpatnam ACP Malla Reddy, Nallakunta circle inspector Srinivas.

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