Imran Khan reacts on Pulwama attack

While it’s an open secret that Pakistan is behind the heinous terror attack in Pulwama, which claimed over 40 lives of Indian soldiers, Pakistan is still in a denial mode.

Backing the nation, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan has no relevance to the attack. “It is in our interest that nobody from our soil spreads violence. I want to tell the Indian government that we will take action if evidence is found against anyone from Pakistan”, he said.

Imran Khan also emphasized that they are open for any kind of investigation and they are ready to fight against terrorism.

The Pakistan PM said he guarantees action if there is any evidence to prove Pakistan involvement in the attack. Imran Khan, however, did not address the issue that the Jaish-e-Mohammad, run freely in Pakistan by its leader Maulana Masood Azhar, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

He began his statement by addressing India. “My statement is for the Indian government. You (Indian govt) have blamed us without any evidence,” Imran Khan said.

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