IAF attack on PoK: Pakistan jolted!

Following the dreaded Pulawama terror attack that killed over 40 Indian soldiers of the CRPF, the Indian army and airforce have been ready to rage, and last week there was a deadly encounter that killed the mastermind behind the Pulawama attack.

Following this, early morning today 3:30 AM, 12 Mirage jets of the Indian Airforce crossed LoC and dropped 1000 kgs bombs that destroyed more than 3 control rooms of Jaish E Mohammed in Balakot and killing close to 300 terrorists. This has been celebrated as a proud moment by people all over India and is branded as Surgical strike 2, just like the Uri surgical strike that happened in 2016.

Expressing pride and happiness over the Indian airforce destroying terrorists in this surgical strike 2, many politicians and celebrities have posted tweets. Some of them can be seen below:

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