In a strong attack on his political opponents, AP Chief Minister and TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu today stated that the YSR Congress, TRS and the BJP are all working collectively to finish Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh. Assuming that the YSRCP takes BJP’s shelter whenever it is in crisis, he said that “the BJP is supporting him to ensure that they destroy my political career in whatever way possible.”

Aiming at the nexus between YSRCP and the BJP, Chandrababu said that the Union Government didn’t have to intervene in Jagan’s knife attack case and hand it over to the National Investigation Agency. “It is unfortunate that the Central government acted against the state in the case and directly without asking the state’s help, put the case to NIA. This is a clear breach of the spirit of the Constitution of India by the BJP government,” he stated, adding that it is a political feud of both YSRCP and BJP against the TDP. 

Interestingly, Chandrababu questioned about why TRS Chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao has been quiet during the time when TDP was a partner of the BJP in the NDA government. “Why was he silent when TDP was an ally of the BJP? Why is he quickly making allegations against me and Andhra people only after we walked out of NDA and split off our ties after our state faced gross inequality and apathy from the Centre?” he asked.

KCR had said that he was ready to grant money for Andhra Pradesh Capital when he came for the establishment ceremony of Amaravati, said Chandrababu. Moreover, the AP Chief Minister said: “KCR later explained that he did not give it because the Prime Minister did not declare any amount. If that is the case, why did KCR aggravate the people of Telangana against people of Andhra Pradesh in Telangana elections? Why did he create a rift among Telugu people and insult Seemandhra people?,” he asked the TRS leadership.

Replying to KCR’s return gift jibe thrown at him, Chandrababu said: “You said you will give return gift to me. We will give you three return gifts. And, for your return gift, you are taking the assistance of your younger brother Jaganmohan Reddy in AP?,” he posed a question to the TRS Chief stating that Jagan, KCR and Modi are all preparing a strategy to attack Andhra Pradesh and destroy the state’s growth and advancement. With such bitter attacks, Chandrababu seems to have surely joined the game that KCR is playing. But, will the people of Andhra really answer to KCR who made anti-Andhra remarks at every chance he had? Only future will tell!

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