Hyderabad: Prisoners allowed to use phone all days of the week

Defendants and under trials in jails in the state can make phone calls on all days of the week. The facility was earlier limited to two calls per week.

The new ability will not be open to terror suspects and hardcore prisoners, said DGP, Prisons, V.K. Singh.

Mr Singh said the prisons department has decreased the number of deaths of prisoners and had taken up measures to educate them.

“Ours is the only department which is fulfilling social responsibility and service beyond the call of duty,” Mr Singh said.

The jail has repaired the old iron mesh used to separate the inmate and the visitor during mulakat with unbreakable glass.

Intercoms have been established for them to speak, Mr Singh said. CCTV cameras have been placed all over the premises.

Mr Singh said officials had been told to reach the public even without an appointment during office hours.

The department’s base has been shifted to a new campus near Nalgonda crossroads.

He said the department was in the lead to rehabilitate beggars, mentally challenged, destitute and said no prisons agency has taken up such an initiative.

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