Heroine lost her Passport, Major Shoot Postponed

In a very short time, she has turned heads in Tollywood. She raised many eyebrows with her glam outcome. She has seized some good offers in a short time. But here is the twist. The heroine has misplaced her passport and this is concerning her producers, directors who proposed abroad schedule with her.

Proceeding into details, top producer and director have prepared for Europe shoot in April to shoot the film’s songs. Even the hero’s dates and other casts, the crew have all got set for the Europe schedule but in vain. They got a severe blow when they learnt that the heroine’s passport was missing.

Heroine lost her Passport, Major Shoot Postponed-newswaves

With no other choice left, director, the hero have decided to delay the Europe schedule and currently finishing the talkie part in India. Once, the heroine’s new passport is ready, the Europe program will be decided. Meantime, the film’s shoot got postponed due to this episode.

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