He sought my help, Sikha Chowdary about Jayaram

Sikha Chowdary, one of the prime suspects in Express TV MD Jayaram’s murder case, has appeared before the media and revealed some interesting facts on her association with Express TV.

In her interview, to a popular channel, Sikha Chowdary said that her uncle Jayaram who is based in the USA had requested her to take up the responsibility of handling the operations of Express TV and she obliged.

Though Sikha Chowdary was considered as the main suspect, she was later given a clean chit by the AP police. However, Jayaram’s wife who still has concerns has approached the Telangana police and requested to interrogate Sikha Chowdary.

Jayaram, a non-resident Indian (NRI) was the Director of Coastal Bank and also owned a pharmaceutical company called Hemarus. He was also the Managing Director of Express TV.

He was found dead on the Vijayawada highway on 1st February. Though initially it was speculated as an accident, the police have busted the mystery after a deep probe.

Rakesh Reddy, with whom Sikha Chowdary has an affair admitted that it’s he who killed Jayaram and tried to sketch it as an accident with the help of two policemen. Currently, Rakesh Reddy is in police custody.

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