In recent events, a US think tank said that many a time, the H-1B holders are ‘vulnerable to abuse’ and are often placed in ‘poor working conditions’, also without a substantial increase in wages.

These cases lately came out after the US president Trump promised the changes to give confidence to H-1B holders in the US and an easy pathway to citizenship. The said think tank has been authored by Ron Hira from Howard University and South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council head Bharat Gopalaswamy. 

According to these allegations made by the think tank, H-1B workers are often paid less, exposed to abuse and very often placed in poor working conditions. It also said that providing better working conditions and greater employment rights to H-1B holders would improve their lives along with that of US workers. 

The three key reforms proposed by the think-tank are, firstly, the rise in the wages of H-1B workers if the United States is going to request in the ‘best and brightest’ workers, secondly the employers should demonstrate they actively hired US workers before taking on the H-1B workers and lastly the programme needs an effective and efficient implementation mechanism without fully depending on the poor design like charges and whistle-blowers to lessen cheating. 

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