Guntati Venugopal Meets CBN, Seeks MLA Ticket

Chittoor MP Sivaprasad’s elder son-in-law Guntati Venugopal has met Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday and asked Satyavedu Assembly ticket. Venugopal has presented his bio to Chandrababu in which he declared himself as a film producer, businessman. He listed out the social works he had done in the constituency and region.

While Chandrababu Naidu has already approved Railway Kodur MLA ticket to Sivaprasad’s younger son-in-law Narasimha Prasad. Amidst this, possibilities are bleak for Sivaprasad’s elder son-in-law Venugopal.

Chandrababu has been meeting the ticket candidates for various Assembly constituencies and has been communicating with the ticket candidates and holding discussions. Chandrababu is also concluding the candidates for various constituencies much ahead of approaching general polls.

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